M      E      D      I      A

Stop Motion Animations

Space Monkeys
Featuring toys from artists Dalek,
Tara McPherson, and Attaboy

FERGs Sqube
the toy: SQUBE
the artist: FERG

Dunny Goes to Miami

GIANTs Toy Punk Battles Dunnies

Skelita Calaveras in DEATHLAND
Music by Attaboy and Burke

Toy Trauma Episode #1
there are 11 of these episdoes. teehee.

Twyla Opens Prints
Thanks again to artist David Ayllon for sending
us the rad prints.

STAR WARS Dance Party!
Inspired by TOYSREVIL, shot with the
help of Astro-Zombies, and music by
Attaboy and Burke.

Video Postcard for Annie and Atta
This is possibly the first toy cartoon
we ever made.

Stop Motion with Fruits and Veggies
Now this one goes wayyy back. Fall of 2010, I think.
Before we had toys, we used produce. hehe.