M      E       D      I      A

Artist Documentaries

Joe Sorren
Made for Hi-Fructose Magazine in 2012

Michael Naranjo
Inner Vision
This video was made in 2013 for the Private Collection of Tia.
Directed by Amie Gibson, shot by Rico Ramirez,
music and editing by Kyle Maier.
Special thanks to Michael Kamins for
allowing us the incredible 1989 PBS footage.

Martin Wittfooth
Short conversation about nature.
Courtesy of the Virginia Museum of
Contemporary Art. 2016.

Don Zientara
Washington, D.C. rocknroll record producer
and owner of Inner Ear Studio

Jennybird Alcantara
Made in 2014 for Hi-Fructose Magazine.

Garo Antreasian
Made for the 2013 Creative Bravos Award Ceremony.

Brandt Peters
Made in 2012 for Stranger Factory.
*music by The Peculiar Pretzelmen

Made in 2011 for Stranger Factory Gallery.