M      E      D      I      A


Joe Sorren
Joe Sorren and Veridic Gardens of Effie Leroux
This is the first video we made for Hi-Fructose
and one of the best memories we have. February, 2012

Jennybird Alcantara
Studio visit for Hi-Fructose Magazine.
Oakland, CA

Rob Sato
Last summer we shot 6 videos in California for
Hi-Fructose Magazine. This is the 6th and final
one to be released...

Scott Hove
Hi-Fructose visits Cakeland. Oakland, CA

Nicola Verlato
Hi Fructose visits the studio of amazing
painter Nicola Verlato in LA

Luke Chueh
Hi-Fructose Visits the studio/shed of artist
Luke Chueh in Los Angeles.

Mike Shine
Hi-Fructose Visits the Shine Shack in Bolinas, CA.

Delano Garcia
Delano is both a tattooer and screen printer.
With a passion for traditional tattooing and
a long history in the rock poster world,
he does a lot of stuff and is fun to watch.

Stan Lee at TAG
Stan Lee had a custom toy group art show at
Toy Art Gallery in LA. We made this recap video:

Christine Wu
Come Home at La Luz de Jesus
This was an extra special video to make, again
because of Matt Kennedy. I have always been fond
of Christines work because it reminded me of double-
exposure photography. She was awesome to work with,
and we on-the-fly taught ourselves (kind of) how to shoot
double-exposures. It resulted in this very ghostly type of
movement. Music by Fever Ray

Hi-Fructose Magazine
stop motion animation we made for the release of
Hi Fructose Collected Edition Vol. 3

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
in one of the rarest and most wonderful moments
we have ever been blessed with, gallery director
Matt Kennedy allowed us to shoot at La Luz and
make whatever we wanted. We thanked him by making
quite possibly the wildest thing we have ever made.
You rock, Matt.

Stranger Factory
Late Season
Art show featuring Amanda Louise Spayd and
Chris Ryniak. November, 2011

Artist Profile in Austin, TX

Brandt Peters
Artist Profile in Albuquerque, NM

Brandt Peters x FERG art show