M      E      D      I      A

videos © Hi-Fructose Magazine 2012-2014

Joe Sorren
Joe Sorren and Veridic Gardens of Effie Leroux
This is the first video we made for Hi-Fructose
and one of the best memories we have. February, 2012

Intro animation by our friend
Andrew Dormody in New Mexico.

Jennybird Alcantara
Studio visit for Hi-Fructose Magazine.
Oakland, CA

Luke Chueh
Hi-Fructose Visits the studio/shed of artist
Luke Chueh in Los Angeles.

Rob Sato
Hi-Fructose Visits the studio of watercolor
painter Rob Sato in Los Angeles.

Scott Hove
Hi-Fructose visits Cakeland. Oakland, CA
*Additional music by a variety of artists

Nicola Verlato
Hi Fructose visits the studio of amazing
painter Nicola Verlato in LA
*music by Nicola Verlato

Mike Shine
Hi-Fructose Visits the Shine Shack in Bolinas, CA.
*music by a variety of artists

Turn the Page
10 Year Anniversary Group Show at the
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.
We were honored to have 3 of our videos
screened as part of this exhibition.