M      E      D       I      A

Short Documentaries

The Doc that Started it All
the DOGUMENTARY. a school project
collaboration between Kyle Maier and
and Estevan "Rico" Ramirez. Spring, 2010

Dia de los Muertos
Short documentary exploring the art of the Day of the Dead, and why it is becoming
so popular in the American Mainstream.

Don Shrader
Short documentary we made about ABQ legend

Fill the Boot
Three years later, here is another colaboration
between Rico and Kyle, this time for a bigger story
including the MDA and the AIFF Local 244

ABQ Folk Fest
One of the highlights of the whole year
in Albuquerque, now it its 15th year.
Also shot by Rico Ramirez.

Journey to Neha
The story of a family who traveled through
India after adopting their daughter Neha.

Vernal Pools
1 Minute documentary about temporary
pools of water that form each spring.

Thinking Like an Architect
Hang out with architect Efthimios Maniatis
and explore his award-winning Corales House.

Parkinsons Dance Therapy
Touching story about a dance class offered
to Parkinsons patients. Shot by Rico Ramirez
of E&R Studio in Oakland, CA.

How to Paint Batman
A few minutes in the life of a painter

Strawberry Hill
A Nature Preserve in Fairfield, PA