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Video Postcards
How To Videos
New Mexico Skyline Videos

Luminaria Catching Fire
Luminarias are small paper lanterns made with a candle,
some sand, and a paper bag. They are popular Christmas
decorations here in New Mexico. And yes, they can catch fire...

High Brow Cat Video Art
Amie discovered there is a debate as to whether
or not cat videos on YouTube are high brow art.
Naturally, once we stopped laughing, we made this...
Starring Albert

Miami Skyline
A time lapse that Rico shot out of his hotel window.

Kyle and Rico try their hand at acting....
ScooterCafe Kickstarter video blooper reel

Rico: Dance Final
School project for a 3D animation class.

Shocking New Statistics!
about how pitbulls are such sweethearts.

Behind the Scenes
There is a video on our Music page in which we build a paper forest
and then light it on fire. Here is the behind the scenes footage of us starting that fire.

George Carlins 7 Dirty Words
As presented by Rico Ramirez.
A typography spot for a motion graphics class.