M      E      D       I      A

P E R S O N A L      V I D E O      A R T

Merry Christmas
From beautiful Gettysburg.

Time lapse we made of the beautiful
University of New Mexico

Eat Your Veggies
Submission for a commercial contest. We didnt win.
Collaboration with Chris Lauer. 2011

Amie, Rico, and Kyle entered the 48 hour
film fest together and drew Western as their genre.


Sandia Mountains
short time lapse on a cloudy winter day.
music by Blue Sky Perch.

Cat Video
So... Amie read an article about an honest debate about
whether cat videos are highbrow art. naturally,
we made this....

Backyard Skate Competition
Gigantic Collaborative effort
shot by Kyle Maier + Rico Ramirez
edited by Kyle Maier with Text by Reesa Farris
Music by several ABQ local bands

Miami Skyline
*Collaboration with Rico Ramirez

Solar Eclipse

Blooper Reel
Kyle and Rico tried their hand at acting
when asked to make a kickstarter video.