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Fun Page #1

Fun Page #2

Amie, Rico, and Kyle entered the 48 hour
film fest and drew Western as their genre.


Toy Trauma Christmas Musical!
In 2013 we made both a Western
and a Musical. Crazy.

Miami Skyline
Random lil vid from when the 3 of us
shot a conference in Miami.

ABQ Rugby!

Albuquerque Super Moon
Experimental time lapse.
another colab with Rico Ramirez.

Mike GIANT Looney Tunes Print
Mike Giant holds a very special place in
our hearts. Definitely one of our favorites.

Solar Eclipse

Superman is the 99%

Shocking Statistics
about pitbull attacks ;)

Blooper Reel
Kyle and Rico tried their hand at acting
when asked to make a kickstarter video.

Video Postcard
To Rico From Kyle. 2011

{Postcards} to Estevan from Kyle M. from E&R on Vimeo.

Video Postcard
To Michael B. From Kyle. 2012

Luminaria Catching Fire