M      E      D       I      A

Videos © EC-Council 2012-2013
In 2012 an international university
approached us to develop their in-house
video department. They bought gear
and sent us all over the country to
film conferences and educational courses.
Kyle, Amie, and Rico did this for 1 year.

Ask a Hacker
Ethical Hacker Dave Chronister answers
questions at all our favorite haunts.

Professional Hackers demonstrate what
it means to Wardrive.

Hacking conference in St. Louis.

Course Promo
Check out Rico in the dumpster, in this commercial
for one of the many courses we made.

A commercial for a Hacking competition.

Conference Opener
This was the first video we made for EC.
They used it to kick off a conference in Miami.

Miami Conference
This is what that conference looked like.

Global CISO Forum
You know, like a CEO or CFO? These guys
are Chief Informatin Security Officers.