M      E       D      I      A

Rico Ramirez:
Small Portfolio | 2015

Recent Travels
Behind-The-Scenes video for
photographer Juan Labreche.
Bogota, Colombia. 2015.

Albuquerque Flashback
Short promo documentary about
Friday the 13 at ALL is ONE Tattoo.

Nationwide Coverage
Informative documentary about a Parkinsons Therapy
Dance Class. Shot by Rico Ramirez in Oakland
and edited by Amie Gibson in Albuquerque.

Live Music
Show Reel of live music videos
shot by Rico all over the globe.

Fine Art
Documentary about an an international
art project at Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque.
Shot by Rico and edited by Amie Gibson.

University of New Mexico
It is alwasy a pleasure and honor when we get
to collaborate with our alma matter, UNM.
Here is a short glimpse at the 2013 Student
Showcase from the Interdisciplinary Film and
Digital Media department.

IFDM | Student Showcase | Spring 2013 from My IFDM on Vimeo.

Event Coverage
Short re-cap of the Cyberlympics, an
international hacking competition held at
a cyber-security conference in Miami.
Voice over by Ruben from Music-Go-Round!

Speaking of Music-Go-Round...
At the end of 2011, Kyle, Amie and Rico collaborated on our
very first MGR video. Today, we have made hundreds of videos for
MGR, and the fun continues on Facebook and YouTube.

Event Promotion
Short commercial promoting the Austin
Psych Fest music festival in Austin, TX.
Rico has filmed at the
event for 5 years running.

Straight over to Astro-Zombies!

Even Kickstarter
Kickstarter is all about fun and good energy,
so here is a blooper reel of Rico and Kyle acting
in a kickstarter video for an ABQ app developer.
Kamio Media, at its finest.

Back Home in ABQ
Rico recently returned to ABQ and is
looking for fun and exciting work. Here
is a demo reel from 2013 that features
a lot of older work from New Mexico.

Lets work together!
If you are interested in working with us, please
Click Here send Rico an email!

Thanks again for checking us out. Love, Kamio x E&R