M      E      D       I      A


Randy Sanchez
Knee tattoo time lapse combined
with a painting time lapse.
ALL is ONE, 2014

Owen Jensen Tribute
Delano Garcia honors a true legend
of American tattoo history with this
short history video.
ALL is ONE, 2015

Friday the 13th
Everyone gets tattooed on Friday the 13th.
ALL is ONE, 2012

Torrie Bustamante
Miss Fortune and Lady Luck
ALL is ONE, 2013

Logan Demas
Logan hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2013,
and I got this tattoo from him right before he left.
Naturally, I filmed the tat and asked him all about
his upcoming trip. Thus began the
Tattoo Time Lapse series.
ALL is ONE, 2013

Cap Coleman and
Paul Rogers Tribute
Grave Rubbings and Tattoo History with Delano Garcia.
Music by a varitey of Gettysburg musicians.
ALL is ONE, 2011